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We are looking for likeminded Individuals who care about Environment, Change in Climate and Sustainable Development, We need people from various domains to work with us and  help us in achieving our Goals. 

Fundraising Experts
Data Analysts
Project Managers
Business Developers
Energy Auditors
Sustainability Experts
Climate Scientists
CSR Experts 
Technology Experts
Policy Makers
Financial Experts
Renewables Experts
Corporate Leaders
Content Creators 
Web Developers
Marketing Experts 
Corporate Liaison

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Here are some ways you can contribute

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Donate your Resources 

Here are some required Resources you can contribute

Phones & Tablets 
Software Tools
Networking Devices
Digital Cameras & Accessories
Rewards & Credits
Office Space
Backpacks & Travel Kits
Any other Useful Resouces

Contribute to SAAS 

We are developing the SAAS Platform through Open Source on Github, get involved to build the SAAS platform with like minded Developer Community 


Our Supporters

We are very thankful for people working with us and contributing their Time, Expertise, Money,  Resources and their Good Will 

Danesh Kumar

Danesh has worked 30+ Years in Empowering Grassroot Communities and worked with Rural Agency for Social and Technological Advancement, Danesh is contributing as Advisor for AccelerateSD

Pradeep Karturi

Pradeep has been working with the government in creating Digital Classrooms for Government Schools in India. Currently associated with AccelerateSD in designing projects for  Climate Action & Sustainability.

Abilash Veera

Abhilash is the Founder of  DHI labs, based out in Germany. Currently working in developing SAAS Framework & Carbon Emissions Data Analyst for AccelerateSD

Nandhini Gupta

Nadhini is Senior Designer & Branding Consultant. She cares about Animals & Environment, at AccelerateSD she is working as Designer & Brand Strategist

Saumya Sunder

Saumya is a professional tech writer by the day and a columnist as a hobbyist. She loves writing about experiences and issues close to her heart.

At AccelerateSD Saumya is working for Creating  Content, Communications Strategy & Grassroots Projects.

Vijeth Kumar Katapadi

Vijeth Kumar is a serial entrepreneur & a top scientist in the field of Cancer Genetics.

At AccelerateSD he is developing SAAS Platform & Partnership Development.

Akshay Patil

Akshay Patil is the Founder of AirStacks, based out in Pune, India. Akshay is a Philanthropist, Traveller and shares a common cause of Protecting Environment. At AccelerateSD, Patil is the Special Representative for Western India and working for Business Development & forging Partnerhsips

Sumant Pujari

Sumant is a Business Systems Analyst, he based in Canada. At AccelerateSD, he leads in designing the Systems, currently working on developing SAAS Platform.

Jayaram Polanki

Jayaram is currently working at Bridge International Academies as a Government Relations Officer, he graduated in Development from Azim Premji University. At AccelerateSD Jayaram is working for  Sustainability Initiatives,  Companies Engagement & Community Outreach

Tushar Gupta

Tushar is a Finance Professional with expertise in Investment Banking by the day and a valuation blogger as a hobbyist. He loves writing about storytelling in Valuation, experiences and issues close to valuation and companies.

*At AccelerateSD Tushar is working for Business Development & Fundraising

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