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 Join the Movement to  Reduce & Recycle  100 Tones of Plastic from the Environment by 2025

Replace Plastic Project aims to engage Citizens, Business and Communities to make a Transition from plastic, and switch to Eco-Friendly Alternatives. We want to Reduce & Recycle  100 Tones of Plastic from the Environment by 2025

Problem Addressing

Plastic waste has emerged as one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Plastics are the synthetic materials and has replaced other  Environmental friendly materials due to its versatile properties and low cost. Plastic waste represents a single-use throwaway culture. It is estimated that 40 percent of plastics produced in the world is for packaging, used just once and then discarded.  If we don’t change the way we produce and use plastics, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050. It is a proven fact that plastic waste is adversely impacting ecosystems and human beings.

Objectives of Replace Plastic Initiative
  1. Reduce the usage of the Plastic

  2. Promote Effective Plastic Waste Management techniques & Recycling methods

  3. Promoting  Eco-Friendly Plastic Alternatives 

  4. Conducting Workshops & Hackathons

  5. Implementing Grassroots Projects

  6. Facilitating Citizens & Business to switch from Plastic

  7. R&D for developing Eco-friendly Alternatives & Deal with Plastic Waste

  8. Advocacy 

 Developing Replace Plastic Tech Platform
  1. Reduce the usage of the Plastic

  2. Fast track assistance  with Plastic Recyclers   

  3. Showcasing Eco-friendly alternatives Products 

  4. Knowledge bank 

  5. Citizens Engagement Mechanism. 

  6. Business Engagement Mechanism. 

  7. Promoting of Eco-friendly Alternatives. 

  8. Online Marketplace 

Our One year Action Plan 2019 -2020
About Pilot Pilot

To make Kambalakkad Town Transition from Plastic Carry Bags and be a Model story for Villages, Towns, Cities


To create a Grassroots Movement to engage Citizens, Communities, and Business in Kambalakkad Region to avoid using Plastic Carry Bags and make a Transition to Environmental friendly alternatives. Also to overcome the misconception about plastics, plastic waste, and plastic waste management.

Action Plan
  1. Undertaking Survey among Households & Local Business in Kambalakkad 

  2. ​Involving Institutions, Municipal Corporations, Pollution control boards, Industry sector, Ragpickers and NGOs for Mass Awareness, Support & Resources

Survey & Stakeholder Engagement

  1. Developing a  scientific document/course on various types of plastic waste, plastic waste management and environmental hazards associated Plastic.

  2. Demonstrating  to schools, colleges, households,, commercial utilities to draw cooperation and support

  3. Undertake Awareness Programmes in schools and colleges. Encouraging Students to comes up with innovative ideas for Reducing Plastic Consumption.

Education &


  1. Promotion of alternative options of plastic bags

  2. Developing & distributing Plastic Alternatives like Cloth Bags (Reused)

  3. Outsourcing Plastic Alternatives for Business

  4. Public awareness programmes  on Segregation of waste at source

  5. Finding Innovative methods for identifying ways to reduce and reuse Plastic waste

Replacing Plastic Carry Bags

Pilot Project Details


Kambalakkad Town, Kerala



Kaniyambetta Panchayath

Rural Agency for

Social and Technological Advancement (RASTA)


Replace Plastic Programs
Replace Plastic Initiative Programs

Replace Plastic Ideathons

AccelereteSD’s Replace Plastic initiative Ideathon brings together Students, Youth, Professionals, Companies & various Stakeholders to Brainstorm ideas and solutions for ‘How to tackle and beat Plastic Pollution’ and to develop various Practices & Solutions

Replace Plastic Tours

AccelereteSD’s Replace plastic Tour is an initiative inspiring youth to spread awareness on Plastic Pollution with the help of Citizens & various Stakeholders to fulfill the purpose of annihilating plastic pollution by dealing with plastic waste sensibly. This Tour will happen in regularly in slot of time at different parts of India.

Point of Contact
Jaseem Shahid

Project Associate

Replace Plastic Initiative