Partnership for Better Planet

Online Climate Education

We curate various online courses related to Environment & Climate Education 1) Co-creation of Courses: We collaborate with various organisations to co-create a course with the help of Experts & Resouces from the partner Organisations 2) Provide Grants for Courses: We get support from organisations to provide grants to subsidize the Course costs. The grant support will help us in engaging more youth to learn

Offline Environmental Training programs

Our Sector specific training programs will enagge Students, youth & working professionals to get hands on training on various Environmental Sectors 1) Co-create Trainning Programs: We collaborate with organisations working on the Environmental sectors to provide Support through means of Experts, Resources to run the training programs 2) Provide Grants: We seek support from various organisations to provide grants to youth to partcipate in our training programs. All our programs will occur once or twice every quarter

Open Innovation programs

AccelerateSD’s Open Innovation program aims to engage Students, youth, Startups, Nonprofits, Thoughts leaders & various stakeholders to address various Environmental Challenges & help find possible solutions 1) Sponsorship: We get support from the Corporates & Foundations through means of Sponsrships to run our Open Innovation programs. 2) Joint Programs: We Collaborate with organisations who are working towards Envrionmental Conservation to run joint open innovations programs to help find possible solutions


We are launching a platform to help Youth & working professioans to find various opportunities in Companies & organisations working for Environmental Conservation 1) Recruit: Organisations working in Environemtal Sector can post their Jobs on our Platform. Get acess to the applicants who have applied for Job 2) Career mentorship: We seek support from organisations to provide mentroship for the Youth who are intrested to work for Environmental Conservation

Financial support

AccelerateSD is a nonprofit organisation, we are looking for financial support for strengthening our Operations & to Scale our actvities 1) Grants/CSR: We are looking out for opportunities to get grant or CSR support from the Companies & Foundations 2) Impact or Debit Funding: We are raising money through Impact Investors for strengthening our Operations & to Scale our actvities

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