Better Living Program for

Better Planet

Engaging Citizens & Communities to Adopt Sustainable Living for making a better Planet

Together we can reduce our Impacts on Environment by reducing our Carbon Footprint, effective usage of Natural Resources and avoid usage of Hazardous Materials. We can take baby steps by adapting to various Sustainable Solutions & Practices.

What you can do?

Better Living + Benefits

To Encourage people to contribute towards Environmental Living.  We have developed a Model where People get Recognition and Rewards for becoming Environmentally Friendly
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Note: We are starting with Pilot Citizen Engagement Program, we  will  operate at full scale by February 2019, Interested People can enrol to Pilot program by taking the pledge


  1. Buy local whenever possible

  2. Take reusable bags when shopping

  3. Buy recycled, biodegradable products

  4. Buy Green Labeled or Sustainable Certified Products 



  1. ​Never leave a tap running when not in use

  2. Report or repair leaking Taps

  3. Carry a reusable water bottle

  4. Install low-flow shower heads and taps


  1. Carpool whenever possible

  2. Use public transportation whenever possible

  3. Ride a bike or walk to work whenever possible 

  4. Maintain your car, get regular checkups & reduce emissions



  1. Switch to paper-free billing

  2. Recycle everything  you can

  3. Cut plastic six-pack rings before throwing them away

  4. Avoid printing and print double-sided when possible

  5. Responsibly recycle e-waste and other hazardous materials

  6. Make sure car oil, antifreeze, pet waste and expired medications are properly disposed 


  1. Buy local when possible

  2. Cook Required Food & Avoid Food Wastage 

  3. Collect Food Waste & Compost it for Gardening

  4. Try to Reducing Meat Consumption

  5. Store  your ingredients properly



  1. Plan  next vacation or getaway to a destination that supports sustainability

  2. Stay at an accommodation that has a green policy and promotes it

  3. Eat and help promote restaurants/Cafes that support sustainability

  4. Book excursions and tours with companies that are truly promoting sustainability

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