Put Environment at the Centre of Decision Making for Voting

About the Campaign 

To encourage & support Citizens to make Environment at the Centre of Decision Making for Voting, so we can have a Leader who is conscious about the Environment and undertake Development Activities which are not or less hazardous to the Environment.

Campaign Objectives 
  1. Motivate Citizens to utilize Voting Rights to choose the right leader.

  2. Make citizens realize the importance of Environment and make Environment conservation as one of the important aspects while voting.

Get Involved?
Currently this Campaign is run by Zero Budget, since we are very early stage Nonprofit we are utilising our Limited Resources very effectively, We would like to Invite you to join with us to make this Campaign into an a large Scale Movement

Get involved as Volunteer and work in the Fields of Research, Outreach & Advocacy


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NoteWe are not Endorsing any political party nor promoting any Politician.

This Campaign is run by AccelerateSD, ASDCAEC Earth Foundation. We are a Nonprofit organization working for Environmental Conservation. The Aim of this Campaign is to inspire Citizens to Vote and encourage them to consider Environment while Electing the Leaders.

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Why Environment?

In the country with more than 1.3 billion population, Environment and cleanliness is a prime concern. Sanity and clean Environment is a necessity and important factor of a healthy community. As developing country India is facing environmental crisis, Out of the 30 most polluted cities in the world, 22 are from India. 22 are from India. Hence it the time to be heard and act on the issue. So we need a Candidate is not only a Leader but also a representative of Environmental issues. Let us choose Representatives who are conscious about the Environment and undertake Development Activities which are not or less hazardous to the Environment

Why voting is must ?

Voting is not only our right it is also a responsibility. Voting is constitutional right that we are privileged to have. We must utilize this precious opportunity to elect a responsible and zestful Leader.


Voting is an agent of change, every vote matters and decides the future of that particular region. Hence Your vote can play an important role in making the change, Retrospection of previous developments and keeping the work to be done to improve the quality of living  can play a vital role in deciding the right Candidate. Hence choose a potential leader who can bring the change needed.

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