Better Business Program for

Better Planet

Helping Companies to put  Environment & Sustainability at the Centre of their  Decision  Making!

AccelerateSD aim is to work constructively with Companies, Enterprises for Accelerating Environmental Conservation, Sustainability and Climate Mitigation.

Better Business Program Objectives 
  1. Companies and Enterprises Pledge for Environmental Conservation,                 Climate Mitigation & Sustainability

  2. Working together in creating Roadmap & Action Plan

  3. Implementing & Monitoring the Action Plan 

  4. Effective usage of  Natural Resources 

  5. Transition to Clean Energies & Renewables 

  6. Making Efficient Operating Systems

  7. Adopting to Sustainable Solutions & Practices 

  8. Assessment of Goals set & handholding Companies & Enterprises 

Benefits for Companies & Enterprises
  1. Contribute to Environment

  2. Save Money and effective use of Resources during this Program

  3. Get certified Credentials and  Accreditation

  4. Awards, Recognition for Commitment & Excellence

  5. Business Networking with Pledged Companies and Enterprises

  6. Incentives, Rewards & Employee Engagement

Powered by SAAS

Sustainability Assessment & Accreditation System(SAAS), A Technology-driven Platform to engage the Companies & Enterprises 

Our Focus 
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Adopt Practices 
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Note: We are starting a Pilot  with Companies Engagement Program, we will operate at full scale by February 2019, Interested Companies can enrol to Pilot program by taking the pledge

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